The Ground Rules

In order to give you, the audience, a more perfect interpretation of my thoughts and actions throughout this process, I want to share with you some of the “rules” or operating procedures that I have set for myself. This is my rebellion against the Death of the Author. This is what I’m thinking about when I’m thinking about blogging:

  • I will attempt to be brutally honest in my record of the journey from product to launch, and where obfuscation is necessary for legal/business reasons, I will call it out.
    • “Project Persimmon” : at the time of this publication, I am not yet able to share the exact nature and design of my product because honestly, I’m not sure what doing that would open me up to legally. So I’m going to call the thing Project Persimmon, at least after my award is made public at the IHA show on March 7th. I figure after that the cat’s pretty much out of the bag anyway, but until then, I’m going to be annoyingly vague about what it is, but clever folks will probably be able to make some solid guesses despite my best efforts.
  • This record is a living document, not a tidy hindsight recap. It’s happening, right now. For my sake and for my readers, I will try consciously to keep things raw, under-produced and pure in the moment, and resist the temptation to tie things up in neat little packages.
  • I will begin each entry with an inspirational or relevant quotation from one of my spiritual advisers: Wu-Tang Clan, Action Bronson, Das Racist, Kanye West, the occasional Drake or Lil’Wayne, etc.
  • I don’t love the word “entrepreneur.” It’s unwieldy, slow, and over-used these days, and so I will occasionally use the word “hustler” and its derivatives where appropriate to add levity, swag and variety to the text.






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