As a senior Industrial Design student at Mass Art, I became interested in the Hustler Spirit of my generation and sought to better understand it, and maybe find a way to help others start their own journeys into the heart of entrepreneurship.

Long story short, turns out that the only way in is through. The only way to really understand the relationship between Design and Hustle is to live it.

So over the next 100 days, I’m going to take something I’ve made, refine it, develop a manufacturing plan and a business strategy and bring it to market.

And, because the one thing that stops most people from going down this road is a Fear of Unknown Risk, I will document my experience over the next 100 days (and beyond), with total transparency, and by broadcasting, with brutal honesty, all of my twists and turns, stumbles and triumphs, I hope to inspire others to make the same journey, or at least to make an informed decision to stay home and watch Netflix.

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